• Pre-Employment Assessments
    Assessments can be tailored to the specific job role and help to determine a potential employee’s capacity to perform a particular role within a company – assessments include: physical; functional; psychological; general health; hearing; drug and alcohol screening; visual acuity; lung function; industry specific assessments.
  • Risk Assessment and Hazard Control
    To reduce the risk of injury in the workplace. 
  • Workstation Assessment/Ergonomic Survey
    To assess the layout of computer workstations and work practices, provide education and recommend necessary changes.
  • Workplace Assessment and Consultation
    Assesses the demands of work tasks and identifies issues relevant to the performance of particular job tasks in the workplace.
  •  Functional Assessment and Education 
  •  Vocational Assessment and Training
  •  Ergonomic Assessment/Training Vocational redirection
  •  Driving Assessment
  •  Psychometric Assessment
  •  Activities of Daily Living Assessment


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