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RehabCo is committed to the provision of workplace rehabilitation services to facilitate the timely return to work of injured workers which will maximise the functional recovery, increase independence in the community and minimise the impact of injury.

At RehabCo, we utlise our skills, knowledge and professionalism to fulfil this philosophy and uphold our quality service standards.

Our Services

Simply put, the services RehabCo provides can help to improve worker productivity, reduce absenteeism, resolve problems, manage difficult staff issues, reduce the frequency and cost of injuries and reduce Workers’ Compensation premiums. The Specific Services We Can Deliver Include: Workpl...

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We are where you want us to be! All of those ‘out of the way’ places, from one end of the NSW border to the other - we cover.   We have offices (and real staff) in the areas we say we do! No flying in and out for us; we live here. We know the doctors, the good therapists and the c...

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Our Team

RehabCo employs a variety of experienced staff with qualifications in Occupational Therapy Psychology Physiotherapy Exercise Physiology Rehabilitation Counselling and Mediation Our professional staff enjoy the benefits of exceptionally qualified and helpful offi...

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